Student Contract of Participation

  1. I will maintain at least a 2.5 or C average in all my high school classes.
  2. I will submit a completed upward bound Progress Report as requested by Upward Bound Staff.
  3. I will respect staff, teachers, tutors, and my fellow students. (Student Code of Conduct).
  4. I will not cause disruptions in class.
  5. I will hand in all assignments in a timely manner.
  6. If I am suspended from school for any reason, my parent or I will contact the Upward Bound Office to inform the staff immediately.
  7. I will attend the six-week summer program.
  8. I will attend classes, tutoring, and special activities during the academic year and summer program. I understand that if I will not be able to attend a tutoring session, or Saturday Instruction Session, my parents or I will call the Upward Bound office to inform the staff about my absence. I understand that lack of attendance at tutoring or Saturday Instruction Sessions will be reason for disciplinary action or dismissal from the Program.
  9. I will not be involved with drugs or alcohol. I understand that the use of drugs or alcohol is not tolerated and will result in my immediate dismissal from the program.
  10. I will ensure that my parents call the program in the event of a cancellation for any trips/activities that I have signed up to attend. In the event of a cancellation without prior notice, I understand that I will be responsible for the cost of my scheduled participation.
  11. I will follow the rules, regulations, and objectives of the Upward Bound Program.
  12. I will respect the property of UNM-Valencia as well as the property of the high school I attend.
  13. I will develop myself fully for graduation from high school, and to earn an Associate or Bachelor's Degree from a college or university.
  14. I will ensure that I follow the Upward Bound objectives: (1) Good Behavior, (2) Good GPA (2.5 or above), (3) Good performance, (4) Attend high school classes, (5) Graduate High School, (6) Be college, career, technical, or trade bound, (7) graduate College, Tech School, or Trade School.


By signing this contract, I agree to commit to the Upward Bound program until my graduation from high school.

If my commitment is found to be lacking in any of these areas, it may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the Program.

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